[Rays:Yoshitomo Tsutsugo] harvest and challenges that have been seen from the results of spring training

MLB challenge of raising cylinder Yoshitomo Tsutsugo.

First of all spring training has ended.
For infection prevention due to the influence of COVID-19 to say that end, unusual situation that the remaining games canceled.
In addition regular season in the same way as Japan also became a time pending postponed.

Well, Tsutsugo was starting lineup both in 12 games out of the Rays of spring training 21 games. The results play of the cylinder incense players up to this point, what has been the guys and what impressions evaluation?

Together with this summarizes the results of the spring training of Tsutsugo , we tried to consider, including issues that have been in a point and the relief of the harvest.

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Struck out and omnidirectional hit of batting AVG.179 also in the assumption

First was played from the striking results of all games.

12 games played
⚾plate appearance 31 
⚾at-bat 28 
⚾Hits 5 
⚾HR 1 
⚾RBI 3 
⚾ walks 3 
⚾struckout 13
⚾AVG .179 
⚾OPR .258 
⚾OPS .579

First was played from the striking results of all games.

The second half is noticeable is the same character…

First, secondary spring training game results. Each player to finish the degree in the camp and is intended for directors and coaches to check.
Such in the sense, spring training Tsutsugo-class parts and challenges to become part has become clearly in relief, I think that it was meaningful 12 games.

What is meant by: “13 strike out the number”

Breakdown of struck out 13 “Strike out looking:4” “Swing out:9”.
In other words we are struck by actively speaking the bat to swing.

Or What is the meaning of this number?

First, the “Tsutsugo is not good at fast balls.” You look at such as writing and tweets that. Some Japanese media might have written so, but the professional commentator does not say a little thing like that.

Indeed, in the Hanshin Tigers(NPB) to Yokohama DeNA BayStars(NPB) is to weak in recent years, it is straight with a growth of the flavor of the 150 km second half of Rafael Dolis(Blue Jays in 2020 season) of suppressing fastball and Kyuji Fujikawa(Previously belonged to Cubs and Rangers) baseball players pitcher is a strong impression that has been missed out.

However, whiff there were many reasons.
It is the result of attempts to adjust to the type of ball you do not have little experience in Japan.

Little slider and cut the ball of change to throw a pitcher of Japanese, 130 km stand second half even split, such as fast. But 140 km table if the measure of the pitcher is out.
Such as the straight which is said to further work at hand, which is a feature of MLB pitcher, it would be first ball that are not found in Japan.

Upon course Tsutsugo players aspire to MLB Transfers, through the winter league participation in world competitions and Dominican winter league, is with respect to the corresponding to the ball of foreign pitcher has a problem consciousness, we should have been ready.
After that there is only going to get used to experience while standing on the actual MLB at-bat, this spring training would be a strong purpose of confirmation for the adjustment.

What is meant by “Hits 5 · HR1”

You write about hit in response to the contents of the above-mentioned strikeouts.

The contents of all five is here.

① single to center
mark from the count 2-1, captured the 150 km outer corner fastball Yankees right arm David Hale, escape before center playing the glove of pitcher a “MLB first at-bat first hits”!

② homerun to left stand
match against Red Sox left arm Jeffrey Springs pitcher. Count third pitch was thrown from 2-0 external angle slightly hit the increase of straight to the installed electric bulletin board in the left intermediate stand and skip large to the left!

③ single to right
Tigers right arm Jordan Zimmermann of the cast was first pitch, pulling 143 kilograms of interior angles straight, pre-emptive timely Hajikikaesu before light grazing the mitt of the first.

④ 2-bases hit to left
same game, play against the Tigers left arm Tyler Alexander Matzek pitcher. Emits a timely-to-base that carries from the count 2-2 to the left line was by fate to confront a wide open in extreme shift, raise the game 2 RBIs eyes.

⑤ lucky infield hit
hit ball was removed the timing to the breaking ball of the Blue Jays right arm Jacob Waguespack place to place the third base line. But the third is one, can not be processed because it was laid a shift to protect between second base, became the luck also infield.

In fact, before the center, before write, before left, it has achieved a hit to the home runs and infield hits and all zones,.

In the harvest that the strike in the right direction, a home run was also showing off a slugging percentage against the opposing team of the pitcher and scorer.

Although the result ended in batting average .179, or would not be within the expected because there was also bat went to pretend not chosen the walks.

Outfield than the infield!? Evaluation of a sense of stability defense

I think in Japan the fans are surprised that high evaluation in defense through this spring training.

In particular, Braves game at March 1, to catch drops back instantly to the high bounce grounder, such as in-out by sending a precise ball to first base, of judgment even for difficult grounder was firm reaction.

Also by the defense shift in recent years of the measure that is frequently performed, it has also fielding practice that has been assumed the position of the short.

Defense of the measure, especially infielder is the impression that the dynamic hitting catch and strong throw, but is short for surely it is only necessary to out.

Rays of cache coach “does not need a flashy play. Is a solid and effective play seek. There is an ability that can do it.” And have likened the ♯25.

But backup because the players entering the more defensive position, rather than the regular Speaking either in Japan. MLB specific phraseology “Options” will be.

But is glad to have been evaluated, it is more complicated because you want to see the place to participate in a regular as a fan.

Point of future performance tactics of “Hit or Wait”

What is required in a cylindrical incense player raise it should not be hit in the compact.
Most of the evaluation is the reason that has been acquired by posting “slugging percentage and on-base percentage,” it is not change that has been asked for.

As in NPB era, also dropped a tone, I think that in the preparation and the feeling does not change from the usual do I attend the game.
Corresponding method when you do not adjust know well the person is the best.

For this reason it will not be particularly worry came out even home run in spring training in terms of slugging.

The anxiety in the reverse is the base percentage.

I went to hit the ball to become a ball and struck out if miss, I want to avoid that base percentage to not earn a four-ball is lowered.

Already there was a scene to become a four-ball to avoid the game because there is a track record of slugger in Japan, players no yet proven a MLB. It has attacked pounding a severe course.

Go to aggressively strike is not a bad thing, but, “or hit, wait or” you can the identify calmly will divide the results.

When missed with a last-minute strike zone, the other battery while careful not to enter the hit zone, will go to take a count in the ball went in a little. So if make a careless pitch, it will be able to kill like a home run in spring training.

In other words, in addition to that raised the base percentage and walks there are many, it will also be likely to invite a careless pitch in the subsequent at-bat.

In other words, in addition to that raised the base percentage and walks there are many, it will also be likely to invite the Shitto of the pitcher in the subsequent at-bat.

On the other hand, struck out it becomes to be too saw the ball is and now many in the hit ball aim, will lead to that resulting in an increasing number of missed strikeouts.

The best prepared for the best result

Rays of manager Kevin Cash said “We got a special player”. If it ask from the BayStars fans, “we send out our special player” nothing but that.

In addition, Tsutsugo players has been described as one of the players that has attracted the attention and expectations in this season from MLB-related media.

It is solely, I think due to the Tsutsugo’s way approach to baseball

In joining conference, but is by no means fluent, attitude that has to face studying English and Spanish was also a high evaluation.
Not only the ability of as a player, sincere attitude as the human beings have thought that he was embarked on acquisition considered to be a plus for the Rays.

Spring training has ended, scorer of each team will have to analyze the cylinder incense data collected with respect to the total at-bats, all pitching. How count any type of pitch or hand out’s throw to any course, and whether the strike detract.

“So now, to keep up established a condition of that may not be stuck with the results. Body thinks that it is the first.”

Tsutsugo had this answer in an interview after the exhibition game end.

Of course, also in Tsutsugo data relative to the ball of the MLB pitcher who lived through the spring training is accumulated, preparation and analysis to the corresponding has begun.

It is undecided whether the opening of the regular season becomes a time at the moment, but the best preparation for best results should be able to face to continue.

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